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We provide all this information for your research purposes only. We will still need to ensure that your vehicle can safely tow the camper you’re renting. Also, if the information below is in any way confusing (or you just have questions) feel free to call us at 303.443.1422 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.


The Basics…

Colorado Camper Rental specializes in renting pop up campers (tent campers) and travel trailers that can be towed by most vehicles with a Class III hitch.

Since some of our campers are heavier than others, and we want you to be safe on the road, let’s make sure your vehicle can tow the camper you want. All our campers weighing over 3,000 pounds require at least a Class III hitch with a brake controller in the tow vehicle. A Class III hitch has a 2” x 2” square receiver and is rated to tow 6,000 pounds. We strongly recommend renting a weight distributing and anti-sway system for units over 4,000 pounds.

Towing Tips

If you’re new to towing a trailer with your vehicle, don’t fret. It’s a lot easier than most people think it will be. Here are some helpful tips to get you up to speed on towing.

Easy does it

Avoid sudden movements when towing if possible.  Gradual acceleration, wide turns, slower lane changes… remember that your vehicle is essentially a lot longer and heavier than normal.

It’s all about balance

When you pack the trailer, try to balance the load evenly from front to back and from side to side.  Try to avoid putting a lot of weight towards the rear of the trailer.

Don’t tow tired

This is common sense for any long distance driving.  If you’re tired, just pull over and take a rest.

Check it out

It’s always a good habit to do a quick inspection each time you’re stopped on your trip.  You never know when you might catch something that would have been a problem out on the road.

Spaced out

Give more room on the road than you normally would.  You’re pulling more weight and it might take longer to slow down or stop.

Timing is everything

Nobody likes rush hour, but it’s particularly interesting when towing a camper.  Take some time to plan ahead and avoid high traffic times.  You’ll have a much more enjoyable road trip.

The pressure!

Check your tire pressure often and try to always run near the maximum recommended pressure.  It’s safer and you’ll save some gas.

Backup plan

Backing up with a trailer is tricky but not impossible.  Go slow, put your hand on the bottom of the wheel and move it in the direction you want the trailer to move, and have your passengers get out and spot you.  The best strategy is to just avoid situations where you’ll need to back up, but if you have to just take your time and you’ll do fine.

Lighten up

Water is heavy… 8.36 pounds per gallon to be precise.  Running with less in the fresh, grey and black water tanks will make a lighter trailer.  Try to fill the fresh water tank when you’re near your destination, and be sure to dump your grey and black tanks near the beginning of your return trip.

See it all

It’s absolutely critical that you can see around your vehicle.  Make sure to check your mirrors before you get on the road to ensure everything to the side and behind you is visible.

Take your time

You’re on vacation, so what’s the hurry?  You’ll get better gas mileage at lower speeds, and besides it’s just the safer way to go when you’re towing.

How Much Can My Vehicle Tow?

Throughout the site you might see “UVW”. This stands for the Unloaded Vehicle Weight, meaning the weight of the camper before you pack anything into it. We have the the UVW listed for every camper. Add whatever weight you will add to the camper – it’s better to give a generous estimate. This is the “GTW” (Gross Trailer Weight). Compare the GTW to your vehicle’s tow limit in the towing guide below to ensure your vehicle can tow the camper fully loaded.

All of our campers have a two inch or 2 5/16” ball receiver and a seven pin round connector for the camper’s lights, brakes and turn signals. Once you have a reservation, we will email you with information about the size of the ball for a specific unit as well as the height the ball should be from the ground, so the camper tows level.If your tow vehicle has a different connector, you will need to supply the appropriate adapter, or you are welcome to rent one of our adapters for $10. If you are renting a camper heavier than 3,000 pounds, you must have the typical seven pin plug properly wired to your brake controller. We also rent a wireless brake controller system for a $35 flat fee.

Towing Specs for Your Vehicle

Simply click on the year model of your vehicle to view or download a .pdf providing the tow limits of all vehicles made that year.

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Can I even tow a trailer?

In most cases, yes! We carry several trailers that are light and easy to tow. We’re pretty much towing gurus at this point, so contact us if you have any questions or click here for more information on towing.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about rental rates, destinations, towing, or anything else we have friendly staff ready to answer them. Give us a call  at 307.690.9352 or click here to contact us through email.