Colorado Camper Rental Policies

Cancellation Policy


If you cancel 15 days or more before your scheduled pickup date, we refund all but a $100 cancellation fee. If you cancel within 14 days of your scheduled pickup date you are responsible for the rental reservation and no refund is given. There is no charge to make changes to your rental up to 15 days prior to pick up. However, should you choose a different camper or decide against add ons within 14 days of pick up, you may do so, but you are responsible for the original charges.



Reserving a Camper


To reserve a camper, we require 50% of the rate total at time of booking. Fourteen days prior to the pickup date, we collect the remaining balance of the reservation.



Winterized Campers (October 1st-May 1st)


We take all fresh water out of the camper, blow out the lines, and put antifreeze in making the fresh water amenities unavailable for use.  However, you can bring your own water to wash dishes over the sink and use the toilet, if applicable.  We put antifreeze in the grey and black tanks so that waste will not freeze.  You are still required to dump the waste tanks prior to return.



Insurance Policy


Colorado Camper Rental includes comprehensive and collision coverage insurance and provides this insurance coverage to renters at no charge. This covers physical damage to the camper, and it covers the camper whether attached or detached to your tow vehicle. However, you need to ensure that your liability insurance coverage on your tow vehicle extends to the camper while towing. Your policy needs to cover damages and/or injury to any vehicle or person impacted in the event of an accident where you are at fault. Our coverage has a $1,000 deductible. Should the camper be hit by someone, stolen, or damaged by weather, you are responsible for the $1,000 deductible and our policy covers everything above the deductible. Renters ideally must be 25 years of age or older. Renters under 25 are not covered by our insurance policy, however, these renters can take the camper by providing full coverage on the camper inclusive of liability, comprehensive, and collision.


We also offer optional roadside assistance with Coachnet at a rate of $15/day. This coverage can be selected at booking or added to reservations up until the day of pick up. This service is inclusive of towing disabled vehicle, flat tires, battery jumps & emergency gas.




Damage Deposit Policy


A damage deposit in the amount of $1,000 is required at pick up. The renter is required to sign a damage deposit form and we accept cash or credit card only for the deposit. The damage deposit is refunded unless the camper is returned with damage, propane not filled, tanks not dumped, or dirty, and ultimately returned in less condition than when taken at pick up. Colorado Camper Rental determines what the repairs will cost and makes every effort to keep the repair cost low. The renter is contacted prior to making any final charges.




Camper Pick Up & Return Policy


Pickup times are scheduled by appointment only between 10AM and 3PM Monday through Friday. Pick up appointments before 2PM Monday through Friday can be scheduled only for campers that were returned by the previous customer at least one business day prior to your pick up date. This policy is to ensure your camper is clean, functional, and ready for your trip.


Please contact us to schedule your pick up appointment time ASAP to ensure a time that works best for you.


Campers must be  returned by 12PM if returning Monday through Friday, and by 4PM for Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day returns. Because the camper you return can often be reserved for pick up the same day of return, we need to enforce this return policy to honor other reservation pick up times. Camper check ins/inspections take one hour minimum and campers are checked in by the order they go out on a rental next. Renters are notified via email regarding check in once their camper has been inspected For these reasons, renters are not required to wait for their camper to be checked in. Campers returned late incur a $75/hour late fee.




Camper Return Requirements


Propane tanks and generators go out full to our customers, therefore, renters need to refill the propane tanks and generators, if rented. We do not accept cylinder exchanges as these cylinders are old and not full. A $25 service fee in addition to the cost of fuel is charged if tanks or generators are not returned full.


The black and grey water tanks must be dumped AND rinsed (if applicable). If waste tanks are returned with visible waste and/or discoloration, a $250 cleaning/sanitation fee is charged.  If the toilet is returned clogged, an additional fee of $100 applies.


The camper must be returned as clean as it was checked out to you to avoid a $100/hour cleaning fee; unless you opted to pay us to clean the camper at the aforementioned rate. This is inclusive of the kitchen kits. We clean rented linen kits.


*Camper cleaning by us DOES NOT include waste tank dumping.*


Campers returned after hours must be parked in the gated lot in one parking space. The gate code is given at pick up. Campers parked in the middle of the lot and/or taking up more than one parking space incurs a re-parking fee of $50. Those campers parked outside the gate are subject to theft and tows. You are responsible for charges to retrieve the camper plus loss of use.




Pet Policy


We allow pets in all camper rental units. There is no pet deposit or extra fee for bringing your pet(s).