Denver Camper Rental Guide

Not sure which type of towable RV rental is right for you? Here’s a handy guide to help you decide which is best for you

Questions to help you choose the right camper

How many beds do you need?

Each camper detail page provides the size of the beds in the camper and how many it sleeps. You’ll also notice a floor plan so that you know how many beds there are and where they’re located.

Can your vehicle tow the camper?

Most SUVs can easily tow our pop up, hybrid and small travel trailers. Please click here for more information on towing, including a resource where you can look up your vehicle and see how much it can tow.

How much electricity will you need?

If you’re camping in an area with electrical hookups 30 amps is sufficient. However if you’re heading out to more remote areas and expect to need electricity for things like a microwave or for the outlets to work, you’ll want a generator. We have generators you can rent and take with you. If you want to power the air conditioner, you will need two generators because of the high power consumption. If your electrical needs are a little less demanding, we also have solar systems you can rent. Contact us with questions and to discuss the best option for your trip.

Camper Types

Pop Up Camper Rentals

Pop up camper rentals are lightweight, have canvas walls and are a perfect choice for small groups or midsize SUVs. Pop ups have standard amenities like a refrigerator, furnace, water, and a kitchen area.  We have six models of pop up camper rentals to choose from.

Hybrid Camper Rentals

Hybrid Camper rentals are hard sided units with walk-in bathrooms and showers as well as standard amenities like A/C, heat, water and a kitchen area. The front and rear feature pop out beds with canvas above to give you more room without the added weight of a large travel trailer. Small hybrid campers weigh around 3,000 pounds, so they are easily hauled by most SUVs. Large hybrid camper rentals can sleep up to eight and have all the amenities of home.

Small Travel Trailer Rentals

These are a great option if you want a fully hard-sided camper, but don’t want to tow one of the larger and heavier travel trailer options. Our small travel trailer rentals weigh less than 3,000 pounds, so they are easily hauled by most SUVs. Get more insulation and amenities like bathrooms, air conditioning, heat, water, a freezer fridge and a kitchen area.

Large Travel Trailer Rentals

Our large travel trailer rentals are hard sided units that are longer and heavier than our small travel trailer options. For these models you’ll need a capable towing vehicle and a brake controller. But large travel trailers comfortably sleep more people and have more space, so it’s a great option if your travelling in a large group. Like the rest of our trailers, you’ll get all the comforts of home: air conditioning, heat, walk in bathroom, kitchen, a slide out, and an ample “living room” area.

The big question… where do you want to go?

Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Great Sand Dunes, oh my! If you need help deciding, we would love to share some of our favorite (and some secret) spots in the area. Check out the Trip Tips page under the 'Resources' tab for our recommendations, as well as reservation links for National & State parks and disbursed campsites. Fill out this form and we’ll send you customized trip recommendations. Let us help you plan an adventure your family won’t soon forget!

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Can I even tow a trailer?

In most cases, yes! We carry several trailers that are light and easy to tow. We’re pretty much towing gurus at this point, so contact us if you have any questions or click here for more information on towing.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about rental rates, destinations, towing, or anything else we have friendly staff ready to answer them. Give us a call  at 307.690.9352 or click here to contact us through email.