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Pasted Graphic Review by Dave on 11/27/17
I have been customer of CCR for 5 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. As a local business owner myself, I love keeping my money local. More importantly, I appreciate doing business with good people. Lon and Jessica Black, the owners,  always treat me right. Occasionally, things happen when you take a camper to remote locations like I do, and we have always found a way to work it out. That is really important to me as the flawless trips are easy. I will be back. Dave

Pasted Graphic 1 Review by Tony on 11/20/17
I have now rented twice from Colorado Camper Rental and I will do it again next summer. First time was for a trip to WY for the Eclipse, second time was for hunting. Staff is friendly and helpful (I had never used a camper before I rented from Colorado Camper Rental). Both campers were clean, worked well. Everything was as advertised. They even got me an upgrade when a cancellation happened. Thanks for being part of two great trips.

Pasted Graphic 3 Review by Joseph on 11/16/17
Excellent pick up and drop off support from Logan and Bree. Both explained the many features packed into the Off Road Flagstaff trailer. We had Zero problems with the trailer during a winter storm at 10,000 feet in the Colorado mountains. The generator started first time, every time. The weather tightness in blowing snow made for restful sleep during our hunt. A problem with our truck's taillights discovered during pick up was troubleshooted and resolved with a simple fuse replacement. We plan to work with CCR at our next chance to travel. Thank you.

Pasted Graphic 4 Review by Lindsay on 11/3/17
Bri and Connie rocked!
Pasted Graphic 22 Review by Aaron on 11/1/17
Good value and options for rental. Very helpful staff. Only draw back is not being able to pick up on the weekend and that almost made the difference between renting and not. I’d recommend cutting back hours (or even closing?) mid week and being open for pickup on the weekends even if it was only 1/2 a day.

Pasted Graphic 5 Review by Don on 10/29/17
Lon could not have been more helpful and informative. Very family-friendly. Rent your next RV here and you will not be disappointed.

Pasted Graphic 21 Review by Ramon on 10/28/17
Excellent staff, camper was great!

Pasted Graphic 6 Review by James on 10/28/17
Loved the camper, when I'm ready to buy, this may be the size I'm looking for.

Pasted Graphic 7 Review by Todd on 10/26/17
My only suggestion is to have a longer drain hose. Everything was great. I will rent from you again next year.

Pasted Graphic 8 Review by Phil on 10/20/17
Good experience start to finish.
Pasted Graphic 20 Review by Sarah on 10/19/17
Very convenient location, excellent / responsive service.

Pasted Graphic 9 Review by Abel on 10/16/17
Great service and great camper! Can't wait to rent again!

Pasted Graphic 10 Review by Forrest on 10/5/17
Very clean and well maintained units.... very helpful staff and owners. We will definitely be back!

Pasted Graphic 19 Review by Randy on 10/3/17
Great to work with! Have a very good selection of campers to rent. The camper we rented had some damage and April was very up-front about the existing damage and went over the setup and workings pretty thoroughly. This is our 2nd time renting and we've had very good experiences so far. They include a good amount of troubleshooting documentation. We did suggest they include a little more documentation on how to work the TV with antenna and fridge settings and should have some consistency on what is included with each trailer for the chock blocks, leveling blocks, power converter, and TV cable. We'll definitely rent from Colorado Camper rental again!

Pasted Graphic 11 Review by Brad on 9/27/17
Great experience. Had a slight issue with the camper, but the Colorado Camper team went above and beyond to quickly fix the issue at our campsite. Would absolutely recommend and rent again!

Pasted Graphic 18 Review by Jane on 9/25/17
So kind to us with requests and so easy to work with!!

Pasted Graphic 12 Review by Viktoria on 9/25/17
Colorado camper rental was amazing! They were easy and affordable to book through, with totally met all our needs, and had us wanting to book our next adventure with them in the near future.

Pasted Graphic 13 Review by Steve on 9/25/17
Once again, renting from Colorado Camper was a great experience! I rented a heavier camper this time and they took the time over the phone and email to answer my questions and concerns. I also received excellent instructions and advice at pickup on how to adjust my brake controller and operate the sway control bar. And I really love the solar charger. Recharges in just a few hours and avoids the noisy generators. The camper itself, as usual, was very clean and we enjoyed our camping experience. Will rent again. Steve Hultin

Pasted Graphic 14 Review by John on 9/19/17
I rented a pop-up camper twice this summer. Both experiences were very good. Staff was very friendly and made the process easy. Camper was clean and in excellent shape. They promptly returned my security deposit after I returned the camper. I would definitely rent from here again.

Pasted Graphic 17 Review by Mark on 9/13/17
Great tutorial, clear instructions. Camper was in great shape. The cleaning fee of 34 dollars per 40 minutes hurt a bit at the end because we wiped everything down pretty good, BUT we could have cleaned up a little more dust on the floor tho so it's all good. Thanks for the experience.

Pasted Graphic 16 Review by Jade on 9/7/17
Great time and great camper. Jessica and the staff were all great. Radio didn't work in camper so was bummed about that but all else good

Pasted Graphic 15 Review by Steve on 9/7/17
Excellent company with great people who are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. Colorado Camper Rental is definitely a place to rent from. Great fleet to chose from. No hidden surprises. Thanks, Stevo

Pasted Graphic 16 Review by John on 9/7/17
The camper was great and the service was fantastic. The camper was the perfect size for our family and was in great shape. Pick up and drop off was easy and professional. Couldnt ask for better service.

Pasted Graphic 17 Review by Jeannine on 9/6/17
Everyone was super helpful, camper was great, instructions on how to use, how to care/clean, how to return, etc. all perfect. We had a great experience, were very happy that we could talk openly about bringing to Burning Man. Worth every penny.

Pasted Graphic 15 Review by Scott on 9/6/17
Apply full refund of $25 for missing and essential kitchen items such as plates, pan lids, etc. when full refund already stated on the phone. Consider enhancing battery power and refrigerator. Unit was clean and drove well on the road.

Pasted Graphic 18 Review by Michael on 9/3/17
Everything worked well and was much nicer than we needed.

Pasted Graphic 19 Review by Richard on 8/29/17
This was our first time renting a recreational vehicle of any kind. After reading the reviews I was convinced as long as you understood the conditions and ground rules the experience could be pleasurable. It was clear that the complaints and poor reviews came from people who did not carefully follow the rental conditions in regards to providing proper paperwork, cleaning, and return parking. I called several times leading up to our departure to be assured everything was in place and that I would show up with appropriate insurance documents. Everytime I called Jessica was very helpful and accommodating. The only "glitch" is that when we went to pick up the trailer it was the Friday before the solar eclipse and their entire inventory was going out that day so it was a little hectic. In addition, our unit was a "flip", which means it had only been returned an hour or two before we were to pick it up. Normally, probably not a big deal, but with as busy as they were it took a couple hours to get it ready and us all checked out. Bottom line....GREAT EXPERIENCE. Trailer worked as advertised. Set up quickly and everything worked well. Will definitely not hesitate to use Colorado Camper Rental again.

Pasted Graphic 14 Review by David on 8/28/17
This was the second time renting from CC. Our most recent rental was an upgrade/larger one than we had before. The overall service was good and I'd be a return customer if I needed to rent a camper. There were a couple things this time that I felt could be improved/changed or done differently so I'll break those out below: - My rental exceeded the 3300lb limit and required a brake controller for my vehicle however reading the documentation sent with my reservation confirmation, it was a bit confusing conflicting with what I was told. A section in the confirmation stated called out my rental along with another one did not need a brake controller. I had to contact CC to get that cleared up. Response was quick and apologized for confusion. - The email I received that contained the confirmation along with the three documents; rental agreement, Damage deposit, insurance verification, I could only open 1 of the three documents. Needed to again contact CC and they did quickly provide attached documents instead of through Google docs. - The biggest issue for me this time was, that I made sure my rental came with AC and knowing I would not have hookups, I rented two 2000w generators per CC's recommendation and both were needed to run the AC unit. Once at the campsite, I spent a lot of time and multiple attempts to start my AC with temps in the mid 90's but the master generator would always go into overload. Being new to this, I surely had to be doing something wrong. Neighbor camper has same two generators, tried their master and it barely was able to get the AC going. I was able to contact the support number CC provided and Lon was very helpful trying to help figure the problem out but to no avail. Even searched for nearest store near me and offered to pay retail for a brand new one. Unfortunately nothing near me. So my point/suggestion..... after finding out after checking the camper back in that the companion generator was having problems, I would suggest that if someone has rental set ups like this, take a few extra minutes and actually test this out to verify it works. This showed that the normal maintenance/testing did not pick up this problem but if these two were hooked up in tandem, started and try the AC a couple times, I'm guessing this problem would have been found. I did receive a refund on the one generator. - Despite the generator and the couple minor issues, the staff has been great. Camper quality is good and the check-out/check-in process is quick and smooth. Not having used a brake controller before, Bob helped set that for me as we drove out. Will still return to rent for my next adventure, just a couple suggestion from this last experience. Very much appreciate the support from Lon!

Pasted Graphic 20 Review by Amy on 8/27/17
Everyone was so helpful and the camper was a perfect addition for our trip. We made memories to last a lifetime. Thank you!!

Pasted Graphic 13 Review by Erin on 8/25/17
couple issues with a/c popping breaker. other than that all was very good

Pasted Graphic 21 Review by Kristine on 8/24/17
Very professional and knowledgeable staff, and very clean RV. Thanks!

Pasted Graphic 22 Review by Robert on 8/23/17
Allen was super helpful when I was checking out the trailer, went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable with everything - the whole team at CCR has been great to work with, the camper was clean and functional - would definitely rent here again!

Pasted Graphic 23 Review by Justin on 8/18/17
Absolute great experience with Colorado Camper Rental. A forecast of cold rain turned a tent camping trip into a last minute scramble to find a pop-up camper rental two daus before the trip. I found CCR through a Google search and browsed their site and found a camper available for my dates that fit my needs. They were very helpful through the entire process - reservation, pick-up, and drop-off. We decided to stay an extra day and one phone call extended my rental with no hassle. I will definitely use CCR again if I rent another camper when I visit Colorado and will recommend them to my friends and family that might be looking for the same.

Pasted Graphic 24 Review by Elad on 8/17/17
great service! thank you

Pasted Graphic 25 Review by Jack on 8/15/17
I was impressed how I was kept informed throughout the entire process. All my questions were answered entirely and quickly. Will recommend to all our friends!

Pasted Graphic 12Review by Bruce on 8/14/17
The sway bare didnt fit, and we were short on drain hose and fittings. All in all a great expieriance. A coffe pot and cups in the kitchen kit would have been nice. Thank you for a wonderful life of the camping experiance.

Pasted Graphic 26 Review by Bruce on 8/14/17
Very friendly. Thoroughly reviewed trailer functions. We were well prepared for an enjoyable vacation.

Pasted Graphic 27 Review by Darrell on 8/10/17
We had a great time but we might consider a larger unit once I put electric brake controller on the tow vehicle. However, this unit performed very well and was a breeze to tow. Some minor suggestions: I would encourage a better option for propane than getting to Amerigas although they were very friendly. I will use my own tank next rental. The door fit and setup on this model is difficult at best but you already knew that. Encourage customers to take a LONG water hose to fill the tank from campsite water sources (or big clean bucket and a funnel). Also instructions for emptying water tank. Consider velcro or a solution to keep back cushions on dinette benches. Because my tow vehicle did not provide aux power, I took a battery charger with me- glad I did. Encourage carrying small level (I had one) or perhaps attach permanent levels to front and tongue/side of camper. First setup was serious learning experience since watching the camper being taken down isn't exactly like putting it up but I understand the checkout time consideration. Those are all just some suggestions and observations. The experience was great and the rental process was painless. Thanks. We will rent again.

Pasted Graphic 28 Review by Roger on 8/9/17
A little slower in pickup/delivery than projected. But camper worked well, in good condition, even worked as proposed.

Pasted Graphic 29 Review by Anthony on 8/3/17
Great service clean pop ups

Pasted Graphic 11 Review by Garrett on 8/3/17
Customer service was great, as usual. Will certainly rent again, for the third time! Only issue was battery provided appeared to be dead, as it never worked. Checked all connections, switches, and fuses... nothing. As a result, money spent on solar was of no good, as that also didn't work since battery was totally dead. Camper was great, and warm, so we didn't need the heater anyway!

Pasted Graphic 30 Review by Timothy on 7/29/17
Process was very good. A little difficult to find your location. Some better signage at the entrance of the office complex would be beneficial.

Pasted Graphic 32 Review by Ken on 7/29/17
Nice camper! I would consider buying one of these from CCR at the end of the season. Let me know. 720-353-XXXX Please call me for availability before the sales. Thx

Pasted Graphic 10 Review by Paul on 7/29/17
Great explaination upon pickup on how everything worked. Appreciated flexability when we were late returning unit, will definately use Colorado Camper rental again.

Pasted Graphic 33 Review by Kim on 7/26/17
Very easy and pleasant to rent from. Nice campers and Logan, who checked the camper out to me, gave me several tips to keep it nice...really appreciated that.

Pasted Graphic 34 Review by Carol on 7/25/17
We rented an RPod178 camper from Colorado Camper Rentals. They gave us a thorough briefing on how to run the camper systems and gave very helpful advice. The camper was in good condition with all systems working correctly throughout our two week camping trip. We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the professional help of Colorado Camper Rentals. We hope to do business with them again in the future! Carol and Michael

Pasted Graphic 35 Review by Jay on 7/24/17
Great people and great equipment. It's good to know the camper we rent is new or 1-2 years old. I'll be coming back year after year, they have a customer for life or until we end up buying our own. Thanks Colorado Camper, see you next year.

Pasted Graphic 9 Review by Alan on 7/24/17      
Camper had some use on it but I'm OCD. That's my issue. Awning was ripped off so they discounted the rental. Great customer service. The process went like a charm. I had no prior experience with campers like this. They took the time to get me squared away and I came to learn the operation and maintenance was a breeze. The took the time to make sure the hitch was right (even loaned me some parts). We rented because we are considering buying one. We will be trying the next size up next month.
Pasted Graphic 36 Review by Ed on 7/24/17
Thank you for making our camping trip a truly enjoyable experience! Every aspect from reserving the trailer through picking it up and dropping it off was easy and stress free. Thank you again!

Pasted Graphic 37 Review by William on 7/21/17
the staff was extremely helpful and friendly, both picking up and returning. the equipment was clean and well-maintained, and performed as promised.

Pasted Graphic 38 Review by James on 7/20/17
All expectations met or exceeded. Alan did a great job running me through how to work everything and handled all my questions. He even fixed a rivet that was broken before he let me take the trailer out. I would rent here again for sure.

Pasted Graphic 8 Review by Mark on 7/19/17
We had some trouble with our equipment, but the team at CCR got it all worked out. And we had a great time camping! Would definitely recommend and will be coming back.

Pasted Graphic 39 Review by Nancy on 7/17/17
1st time renting a camper. Customer service was GREAT! From making reservations, billing, and training on how to use camper.... everything went smooth! We had lots of questions and April had all the answers plus she was fun to work with! She made sure we were comfortable with how the camper operated before we drove off the lot. Knowing we could call if we had any problems, NIGHT or day, was a huge comfort! The camper was clean and in good condition. We were so pleased with our experience, we have already decided we will be renting again next year!! Thank You Colorado Camper Rental for making our vacation PERFECT!!

Pasted Graphic 40 Review by Jeremy V. on 7/17/17 Erie, CO
We just returned from a five day rental with an Apex Nano. Good trip overall. There was an issue that popped up after we returned it that we were charged for, and Jessica took care of it with the proper amount of skepticism one would expect from an honest business. I can say with confidence that we will be back again.

Pasted Graphic 41 Review by Tom on 7/17/17
Great team to rent a camper from. Wide range of camper types from pop-ups to hard sides. Rented 3 years in a row, never had an equipment issue. Always clean.

Pasted Graphic 7 Review by Lance on 7/16/17
We had a great experience with our camper and everyone we encountered at Colorado Camper. The camper was clean and fully prep'd when we arrived. Logan did a great job describing everything and how it all worked. Drop off was easy as well. We'll be back for our next camping trip to Colorado.

Pasted Graphic 42 Review by Don on 7/14/17
Everyone at CCR was very helpful, knowledgeable and polite. The camper was ready and we got an great walk-through and explanation of the features, how to use them, and towing procedures as well as drop-off procedures. The camper was clean, and full of water, ready to toss our stuff in and head out for 5 days. Easy access from I-25 also. I would rent from them again.

Pasted Graphic 6 Review by Ken on 7/14/17
We loved this trailer overall. Other than the lack of a bathroom, it has everything you need. We loved the experience and professionalism of CCR once again. I only wish the prices were a little cheaper and we could afford to do this more often. Thanks for everything!!!

Pasted Graphic 43 Review by John on 7/12/17
Great camper. Excellent service.

Pasted Graphic 5 Review by Eileen on 7/11/17
The camper was clean and in perfect working order. The staff was great at going through all of the details on the camper. My son and I were able to do everything to prep the camper at each stop. Made for a wonderful vacation with the family.

Pasted Graphic 4 Review by Angelo on 7/11/17
Everything was great. From booking, pickup, dropoff. Obie was very helpful in the checkout process. He let me know everything I needed to know. The only "negative" feedback that I would give is that the sensor on the black water tank wasn't working properly so I stopped at two different dumps because I was concerned it wasn't empty and didn't want to incur the $250 charge. Being that this was my first time renting, I also felt that the instructions could have been a little more descriptive and step-by-step. The refrigerator instructions for use on gas didn't seem to line up with what actually had to happen to turn it on. That's just minor knit picking feedback. Everything was great and we enjoyed the experience. Thank you!

Pasted Graphic 44 Review by Paul on 7/5/17
Good process to learn about trailer and to check out trailer.

Pasted Graphic 45 Review by Scott F. on 6/22/17 Vail, CO
We rented a Flagstaff pop up for a long weekend. The camper was in excellent condition! They give you a very detailed and informative tour of the camper before you depart. I would highly recommend them and will rent again!!!!!

Pasted Graphic 46 Review by Paul on 6/29/17
Great rig, great trip! Thanks!

Pasted Graphic 47 Review by Paul on 6/29/17
We had not been camping for 20 years so we decided to try renting a camper with Colorado camper rental. They were awesome! From pickup to return everything went very smooth. Christy, the tech who checked us out, was very thorough and very happy to answer all and any questions we had regarding the care and maintenance of the camper. The camper we booked online was the exact camper we got, no switch and bait. It was very clean and everything ran fine. We rented two Honda generators as well as we were going to camp directly on the beach. They ran quietly and efficiently. We took great care in cleaning the camper, emptying the tanks and returning the unit in great condition. We will certainly rent from them again and recommend them to anyone. Paul and Sue

Pasted Graphic 48 Review by David on 6/18/17
The Apex travel trailer we rented was easy to pull and the anti sway bar we rented was a must. We encoubtered some very heavy wind in yellowstone and mt rushmore and the anti sway bar worked like a charm. Staff was friendly, curteous and very helpful. I would rent again!

Pasted Graphic 3 Review by Samantha on 6/6/17
Staff was kind and easy to work with...given this was our first time with a camper. Equipment was in great condition & I would recommend to anyone.

Pasted Graphic 2 Review by Leslie on 5/22/17
The Owners are great to work with. We had difficulty with the refrigerator at the beginning of our trip which we were able to get fixed with a few phone conversations and emails.

Pasted Graphic 49 Review by Krzysztof Kozuch on 10/20/16
I rented a trailer from CCR last year. I loved the service that was provided by the staff. They went over everything on the trailer minus the heater instructions. That would have been helpful to know but now I know in the future to ask. Camper was very nice and clean. Staff helped connect it to my truck and made some adjustments so that my truck had an easier time towing it. No problems with the return.

Pasted Graphic 50 Review by Micah Cahoon on 8/22/16
For the second year in a row I have rented a camper from this place and both experiences were great. This year I rented a Shamrock 183 that had (3) full size fold out beds and it was great. Bre was the employee that went over my rental. She did a great job of showing me all the small details of how the camper worked and making sure I was aware of the details in the contract. Great experience and I look forward to my trip next year.

Pasted Graphic 51 Review by Mark Duran on 7/20/16
I had the best experience with this company, especially Connie! They are knowledgeable and helped my family have a GREAT time camping! If your looking to rent a camper this is the place for sure. I will be back every year!

Pasted Graphic 52 Review by Cindy Constable on 7/10/16
Greatest people to work with. They take the time to show you everything on the camper.They keep you informed through the entire process, from initial contact through the return of the unit. They have a 24-hour emergency contact number incase you have problems with the camper while you're on the road. I would highly recommend Colorado camper rental to anyone.

Pasted Graphic 53 Review by Chuck W. on 11/10/15 11:03 AM
I have rented Travel Trailers before (from the military rec activities) and this was my first rental from a civilian business. I had a great experience; Connie (the reservation/booking lady who answers the phone) was very flexible with me when I had to change my reservation on 2 day's notice, and she promptly returned all of my calls. What I really appreciated was the check out process; The mechanic at Colorado Camper Rental showed me exactly how the various systems in the camper worked, (e.g. refrigerator, heater, electrical panel, stove, sewage dump valves). He showed me how to save money on the fridge (tow the trailer with the fridge empty, and then try to run it on landline power as much as possible), and gave me good estimates on how much propane I would use. He showed me how the inverter/power panel worked, and talked to me knowledgeably (I'm an experienced automotive mechanic, but not well-versed in RV systems). He also demonstrated the leveling jacks, gave me tips about running the heat for best comfort, and explained how I was taking out a winterized trailer in cold weather. He even made sure I had a mono-industrial strength pair of wheel chocks, and made sure my factory trailer brake controller worked properly with the Jayco Jayfeather 16 electric brakes. I towed this trailer over the Mountains to get to Colorado's Western slope for deer hunting without any problems. Thanks Connie, Jess, and Colorado Camper Rental!

Pasted Graphic 54 Review by Kent on 11/3/15 7:50 PM
Very happy camper. After renting a Rockwood Travel Trailer from Colorado Camper Rental in the Fall of 2014, This Fall we rented a larger travel trailer from them again. A 2014, 28', Cherokee, Grey Wolf. We were not disappointed. The process, products and service are excellent. CCR made it a very enjoyable rental experience, once again. Don't be hesitant to rent a Travel Trailer and equipment from them for your next adventure.

Pasted Graphic 55 Review by Bob on 10/15/15 9:28 AM
Excellent. We've rented twice from CCR - a popup and an rpod. Both units were in good condition and worked perfectly. We took the rpod to Big Bend TX - a 2200 mile trip. The CCR staff are friendly, flexible and helpful, gave us thorough intros to the units, and provided a 24 hour number to call with problems. Don't hesitate to rent from these folks.

Pasted Graphic 56 Review by Novice camper on 9/21/15 9:10 PM   IP Address:
Great camper and great service. Just back from my first time camping with a travel trailer. My husband and I had a great experience with the camper and the service. I had so many questions that I visited the office and toured several camper models onsite. Everyone from the office staff to the men working in the lot was happy to answer my questions and let me look around. We were grateful for the 1 hour orientation to the camper when we picked it up. Dropping it off on a weekend was easy. The camper was clean and in great condition. We received an email within 24 hours, thanking us for the rental and informing us that all was in good order. The rate was less than a motel room and I like the two-stage payment plan. I am already planning my next trip using a travel trailer from Colorado Camper Rental.

Pasted Graphic 57 Review by RPOD Rental on 9/5/15 11:12 AM   IP Address:
Pet friendly. We were originally directed to their web site for pet friendly camper rentals. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. The camper was clean and worked well for our outing to Taylor Park Reservoir. I was so happy we could enjoy our time away with our pups. I have referred friends that have asked about your company. Thank you for your service and we will see you again next summer.

Pasted Graphic 58 Review by Dave B on 8/17/15 3:45 PM   IP Address:
Our second rental with Colorado Camper Rental and again it was a very good experience. Quick and easy p/u and drop off with most interaction done on-line or via email. No time is wasted. The Sportsman worked well for family of 4 and was easy to move in and out of various sites. Keep up the good business guys, its appreciated!!

Pasted Graphic 59 Review by Jim V on 7/21/15 10:56 PM   IP Address:
Nice camper and nice people. I recently rented the basic Flagstaff pop-up camper for a fishing trip to south central Wyoming. The rental process went smooth. Jason explained how to set it up and how everything worked. The camper met my expectations. The frequently asked questions section on their web page was very informative to understand their requirements. Like they say, there are no hidden fees as long as you return it in the condition you received it. The check list they have assures that you know the condition of the vehicle. I would defiantly rent from Colorado Camper rental again.

Pasted Graphic 60 Review by brentshomes on 7/14/15 8:25 PM   IP Address:
Thanks again (my second year renting from them) for a great rental guys. They got me a quick turnaround from the last renter and stayed late to get me on the road for my vacation.We rented for 5 days trouble free and had a fantastic time.I had been thinking of buying a travel trailer this year but lonnie and the crew make it to easy to rent one. I will see you guys again next year !!! Thanks again to the whole crew, Brent Miller

Pasted Graphic 61 Review by Micah C. on 6/10/15 3:32 PM   IP Address:
Lake Alcova camping trip...My family and I rented a Grey Wolf 26' for a week and had a great experience. The camper was in great shape and the staff was very helpful showing me how to operate everything. I will definitely be using CCR in the future.

Pasted Graphic 62 Review by Stu Smith on 5/21/15 11:05 AM   IP Address:
Great RV renting experience. The entire process could not have gone any smoother. They let us know what was required when returning the RV upfront and let us return it at a more convenient time that worked better for us (after hours). Very professional and I will rent from them again.

Pasted Graphic 63 Review by Anthony on 5/6/15 11:15 PM   IP Address:
Great people to work with. This was our first time renting from Colorado Camper Rental. The camper was in great shape, and the Jessica was so easy to work with. We rented the trailer for 18 days and had a great experience. We would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you Colorado Camper Rental for such a great vacation.

Pasted Graphic 64 Review by Dee on 12/3/14 3:15 PM   IP Address:
Loved our camper. We went home for the Thanksgiving holiday and instead of staying in a hotel, we drove to Illinois in a rented RV. The RV was the perfect choice since it gave us so much flexibility and we were able to take anything we wanted with us. It was nice being able to stay at various family residence and not have to drive to a hotel every night. Working with Jessica at Colorado Camper Rental was great. Their Web site made it easy to find the camper style we wanted, and to book it. However, Jessica was there to answer any questions I had prior to booking as well as after booking. The camper itself was clean and nicely kept. We definitely will use Colorado Camper Rental the next time we need an RV.

Pasted Graphic 65 Review by Kent C. Carpenter on 10/19/14 3:14 PM   IP Address:
Great experience with Colorado Camper Rental. We rented a Rockwood Roo, 24' / 5 person Travel Trailer from Colorado Camper Rental this October 2014 to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park and down to Garden Of The Gods and Manitou Cliff Dwellings. The folks at Colorado Camper Rental were very easy to work with. Picking up and introduction and drop-off went off without any problems. I would definitely use them again on my next trip to Colorado. Kent C. Carpenter Trabuco Canyon, CA

Pasted Graphic 66 Review by DoctorK on 9/16/14 11:09 AM   IP Address:
Overall the equipment worked as advertised, had a small problem with the battery not being fully charged, however, the owner was very apologetic about this and made it right. They have very good quality equipment in their inventory, and I would rent from them in the future if the need arises! Very friendly and accomodating staff!

Pasted Graphic 67 Review by Four Heads on 9/15/14 3:36 PM   IP Address:
Great equipment. Good service and not a big corporation. The heater worked great as we had the earliest recorded snow fall in the mountains, six inches. We still found plenty to do and got some great photos. Rented some movies and listen to every ones favorite, NPR. Went through almost a whole tank of gas in four nights. We brought a spare which I would recommend to all if the weather turns cold. Got the Mount Rushmore selfie off the bucket list. I can have a real bucket list cause I am over sixty. Maybe Utah in the spring. Would defiantly use these folks again.

Pasted Graphic 68 Review by Big Creek Lakes Camping Trip on 8/18/14 6:04 PM   IP Address:
We just recently returned from a 5 day camping trip with family to Big Creek Lakes. It was nice to be in a camper instead of on the floor in a tent. This pop up was much more comfortable then one would think. There was plenty of room for us and everything we needed to take for our 5 day vacation. We love that you are dog friendly and our dog was able to enjoy the trip as much as we did! We will definitely use Colorado Camper Rental in the future when we need another camper. Thank you for your great service and enjoyable rental experience.

Pasted Graphic 69 Review by Neb to Colorado on 7/21/14 9:50 AM
Shadow Cruiser was better then expected, 5 days at Horsetooth Lake, wonderful time. Had a glitch with power, but it all worked out in the end. Loved it and will be back next year. Why buy and RV when you can rent what you want, when you want, and you don't have to worry about off season storage. Great to work with, will recommend to friends and family!

Pasted Graphic 1 Review by Happy Renter on 7/17/14 10:09 PM
We needed to find a camper with fairly short notice,so gave these guys a call and they just happen to have a new camper that wasn't on the system yet. Our experience was just as advertised, pick and return were very simple and everyone I spoke with at Colorado Camper was helpful and courteous. Good experience would rent again from this company.

Pasted Graphic 70 Review by johnnyi on 7/4/14 8:41 AM
Montana reenactment 2014...Wow. Jessica and Ion and Kathy! You guys were great. I rented ultra lite for trip to Montana for annual reenactment and pulling the camper uphill all the way was a breeze for my 2004 jeep liberty. You guy's we're GREAT about calling me if I had a concern . I camped 5 days with generator and 2 days "hooked up"at K.O.A.s. other than NOT being able to watch DVD's. The camper was GREAT. I'LL BE BACK.

Pasted Graphic 71 Review by Colorado Camper Rental Cust  on 7/1/14 7:02 PM
Great service. We rented a pop up camper from Colorado Camper Rental last week, and the service that we received was just excellent. Lon explained everything about the camper and his customer service is second to none. We had an unfortunate problem with a leaf spring on the camper (material defect) but after a phone call to Lon he took care of everything and got us a brand new camper delivered to our campsite. He did everything possible to correct the situation, and I would highly recommend CCR to anybody. Best service I have experienced. We were also told that they have replaced all leaf springs on the other pop up campers to avoid future problems, this shows how dedicated they are to customer satisfaction. 5+ stars!

Pasted Graphic 72  Review by Scott and Ty on 6/26/14 2:19 PM
A weeks vacation in the mountains. We rented the new MicroLite 19 and it was wonderful we would definitely rent from CCR again. Matter of fact we are already planning our next trip.

Pasted Graphic 73 Review by Lowry Campers on 6/23/14 7:38 AM
Great service. We rented a Rockwood 21BH camper June 2014 (last week) and drove through eastern Utah and Colorado hitting all the desert sites. Combination of campground and BLM "boonies" locations. What a nice change from tent camping! The camper is in great condition, all the features worked flawlessly. It's nice to be able to rinse the boys off (inside or outside) after a day of horsing around in the dust and covered with sunscreen and bug spray, and not have to be at a campground. The camper pulled behind a 1/2 ton pickup truck and behaved very well. CCR's owners and employees were great, very efficient at pick-up and drop-off. The reservation and payment system was also flawless. We'll rent from them again. Thanks guys!

Pasted Graphic 74  Review by Neil on 5/29/14 9:40 PM
Grey wolf 26' travel trailer. I had an excellent experience with these people. I picked up the trailer, received a good 45 min explanation to all the controls, how to set it up and then they helped hitch it to my SUV. THe trailer was in great condition and we had no issues through the 6 days we rented it for. We took care to clean it thoroughly before we returned it, as it was spotless when I collected it. They thanked me for the business and for returning it on good condition, so no extra charges. Can't ask for more really. Very nice helpful people. I will rent from them again for sure. Golden, CO.

Pasted Graphic Review by R on 5/1/14 8:57 PM
Rented the Trek Gazelle for 8 days and tracked around Utah. Great service at the start and during the trip in regard to helpfulness with issues and understanding the trailer. The trailer was great, we towed it with a Tacoma V6 with no issues. Could've used air bags under the struts, though. The only thing keeping the review from 5 stars would be that we picked up the trailer and it was dirty. Apparently, that was the fault of the folks who dropped it off late the day before in that state, leaving Lon no time to prep it. It just stunk to have to clean the trailer prior to our trip. I would definitely use CO Camper again.

Pasted Graphic 75 Review by Terry on 4/21/14 3:39 PM
These guys are great ! Everything from the web site organization to the newer, cleaner trailers is very good. This year will be our 4th time renting from them. We trust them. Originally we planned to buy a trailer but then we would have to pay for insurance and storage and all the rest of it. This is the way to go ! Terry

Pasted Graphic 76 Review by Clive on 4/2/14 1:45 PM
Highly recommended. I used Colorado Camper Rental for a climbing trip to Indian Creek, having flown in from the UK. The business is really well run and they provide all the essential information you need to know prior to picking up the camper. They then take you through the working of the camper and I used a solar set up and Lon was a star in explaining this and threw in a few split logs for my first nights camping so I could have a fire. Lon and Jess have a wonderful balance of being friendly, approachable and professional and I have no hesitation in highly recommending their business. All the charges are clear, nothing hidden and the condition of the camper was excellent.

Pasted Graphic 77 Review by RK on 10/29/13 10:15 AM
We had a great experience with our 10' pop up that we rented for the weekend. Jessica and the team were extremely accommodating and the pop up was great! I definitely would recommend Colorado camper rental to anyone!

Pasted Graphic 78 Review by coop on 10/28/13 9:50 PM
Outstanding service. Rented a tent trailer for a week from these guys. They are the best. I have rented all over town through the years and have never had the personal service Jessica offered. Good clean unit in VERY good shape. She took the time to walk me through every feature. Will do business with them again.

Pasted Graphic 79 Review by TopC on 10/25/13 10:18 AM
Great company. Clean travel trailer, great customer service. Highly recommend them for a camper rental!!

Pasted Graphic 80 Review by towman1@ on 10/24/13 3:37 PM
Happy happy happy. Customer service was great the hoops they jumped thru to meet my needs was amazing. You can't find customer service like this anymore don't bother looking for another rental place after u read the reviews for this company just hit the reserve button and be on the road easy five star all day long.

Pasted Graphic 81 Review by Linda on 10/9/13 7:01 AM   IP Address:
Rented a travel trailer from CCR in Sept. They were great at showing me everything about the unit I was renting. Had my dog with me and they welcomed her too. Would rent from them again.

Pasted Graphic 82 Review by Customer on 10/1/13 11:11 AM   IP Address:
I had a great trip recently-thanks to Colorado Camper Rental! Very knowledgeable and helpful with the camper check-out process. Camper was in good condition and woket great. They really helped me to get my camper on time during the recent rain and flooding. I would definately recommend these folks!

Pasted Graphic 83 Review by uptodate on 9/29/13 3:19 PM   IP Address:
We had a great experience. Camper was nice and very clean.

Pasted Graphic 84 Review by mc_schwing on 9/22/13 4:21 PM   IP Address:
Good times. Great location, great campers! We picked up our camper on the hottest day of the year and the staff was hustling! These people are busy! Pick up was still fast and efficient. Will definitely rent again.

Pasted Graphic 85 Review by Warren on 9/21/13 12:34 PM   IP Address:
I had a very pleasant experience. I rent a camper during the rain week and was taken care of as though the rain was not there. I will recommend CCR to all of my camping friends

Pasted Graphic 86 Review by Happy Campers on 9/13/13 10:13 PM   IP Address:
Wonderful customer service. We can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Colorado Camper Rental for our first trailer travel experience. The staff was all great and really worked with us when we needed to reduce the number of days for the rental unit itself. The travel trailer was well maintained and the staff took their time covering how to handle all aspects of the trailer features. We will definately recommend them to anyone needing to rent a travel trailer.

Pasted Graphic 87 Review by Tom and Debs on 9/12/13 11:12 AM   IP Address:
Cargo Cult 2013 rental. Lon and Jess run one of the best businesses around. Although our needs kept changing they were able to meet all of them. The equipment was amazing. Just remember to book early. Tom

Pasted Graphic 88 Review by pil68ch on 9/5/13 1:14 PM   IP Address:
very professional customer service - we enjoyed our 5 weeks journey in the West of the USA - thank you and we would do business we you again at any time! 5 Star!!!!

Pasted Graphic 89 Review by Jason on 8/20/13 7:03 PM   IP Address:
This place is the best!! I have rented campers in the past and this place is the best! They really went above and beyond to help me out on short notice. The camper was awesome and they are so easy to work with. Five stars!!!

Pasted Graphic 90 Review by Yodeling Turtles on 8/17/13 3:03 PM   IP Address:
Great experience. This was my first time renting an RV. The Grey Wolf camping trailer worked out very well for all 9 members of our family throughout our 6 night experience. It was in excellent condition and exceeded all expectations. The CCR staff was very helpful and courteous during the booking, explanatory, and hook-up processes. We heartily endorse this quality, professional outfit. Kudos to all!

Pasted Graphic 91 Review by RovinStoll on 8/11/13 10:48 AM   IP Address:
Great camping experience. We sold our old Hallmark pop-up slide-in pickup camper this year. We were getting too old to climb into it and climbing into our sleeping area. We were planning on going to the western slope to celebrate my father-in-law 90th birthday. It was a great opportunity to experience a pull trailer. So to the internet. Colorado Camper Rental right pop-up, we call them, told them what we were looking for and they had the right camper. A light weight self-contained unit with fold out beds. Very clean camper, everything worked and before I left CCR I was well instructed on the camper functions, how to park it and towing it. Father-in-law came to the camp site (Difficult campground above Aspen). Had a camp fire (fire ban lifted). He and his daughter (my wife) went for a long hike while I got camper put back together to head back to Denver.

Pasted Graphic 92 Review by Jon on 8/11/13 1:56 AM   IP Address:
Enjoyed our camper rental experience from start to finish we had a great experience with Colorado Camper Rental. The pickup location was convenient for us, and when we picked up the camper it was clean and ready to go. Everything worked as expected for our trip.

Pasted Graphic 93 Review by Finn on 8/7/13 8:05 PM   IP Address:
Great camper and great service. Colorado Camper Rental did a great job hooking me up with a clean and affordable pop-up for a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. The camper worked great and really added to an enjoyable experience. I recommend Colorado Camper Rental and their accommodating and friendly service!

Pasted Graphic 94 Review by MM on 8/6/13 1:31 PM   IP Address:
Thanks for a great camper and friendly service. The trailer was clean and worked out great. We will use your service again and recommend CCR highly!

Pasted Graphic 95 Review by Aubrie on 7/30/13 10:04 PM   IP Address:
Great experience! This was our first time using CCR, and we definitely had a good experience! The staff was super nice and helpful! The trailer we got was in great condition and helped us enjoy a wonderful trip! We will absolutely use CCR again!

Pasted Graphic 96 Review by Michael B on 7/20/13 12:38 PM   IP Address:
I would certainly recommend using Colorado Camper Rental. They showed me what I needed to know for my first ever pop-up trailer tour out to Yosemite, and worked with me on my pick-up time to accommodate for my hectic schedule.

Pasted Graphic 97 Review by Camping on 7/9/13 5:51 PM
Great experience. We used CCR for our first camping trip using a pop up trailer. They were very helpful in showing us how to use it correctly. They take great care of their fleet and their vehicles. The had great service and we would certainly use them again - very easy to work with and reasonably priced. Thanks!

Pasted Graphic 98 Review by Karen on 7/8/13 4:47 PM
What a great family trip. Renting a pop-up camper was such a great experience and helped make our week long trip to SD such a memorable one that we can't wait to do another trip! Jessica and Lon were very responsive and helpful with every question we had. You can tell they care about every customer they have and go to great lengths to make sure everything goes smooth, treating you like family. The camper was in good condition and served the needs for our family of 5.

Pasted Graphic 99 Review by Diana on 6/25/13 1:40 PM
What a wonderful first time experience renting a trailer for camping! Jessica and Lon of Colorado Camper Rental were so great that the experience has left us feeling like we were family. It was a last minute rental that we needed and they had a Jayco Jayfeather 17c Hybrid left. Our deal with the military rental fell through because of their computers being down. She was so helpful in holding the trailer till I was able to contact my husband to make sure that would work for us. The trailer had two beds that popped out on the sides which made the trailer feel bigger than it was. My family and I really enjoyed the trailer. It was nice having AC when it was too hot to be outside. In the future I would absolutely rent from them and will tell all my family and friends about them if they ever need to rent a trailer in the future!! Thank you Lon, Jessica, and Colorado Camper Rental! You made a bad situation the BEST trip we have had in a long time!!!!!

Pasted Graphic 100 Review by Bone on 6/5/13 7:37 PM
Colorado Camper Rental delivers. We rented a pop-out Flagstaff trailer that hooked easily to our truck and was easy to drive and pull with the aerodynamic design. The instruction provided by CCR was thorough and that helped us set the camper up in a reasonable amount of time. We stayed at Yellowstone and it snowed on us in late May, so thankfully the unit was equipped with a propane heater, which saved the trip. A note that the twin burners on the propane stove were not as effective as the Coleman portable I brought along, they had trouble generating sufficient heat to boil water. Also, the unit is definitely a `summer weather' device, although it's not the company's fault that it snowed on us. The return was easy. Thanks for a great trip, Colorado Camper Rental!

Pasted Graphic 101 Review by conveyor man on 10/23/12 8:54 AM
Great company to work with. I recently rented a Stampede 17 camper Hybrid fro Lon and Jessica at Colorado Camper rentals. What a very nice couple to deal with. They are polite and very competent in their business. Their equipment is well maintained and well cared for. They go out of their way to make sure everything works well before leaving the lot. They replaced my battery in my rental because it was not perfect before taking the camper. I used it Elk Hunting and also rented a small generator which I would advise if you are out without hookups for several days. I would rent from them again anytime. Great Experience!!!! Great small business!!!!

Pasted Graphic 102 Review by Dfam on 10/9/12 4:07 PM
I would totally recommend Colorado Camper Rental. Jessica and Lon are both terrific and did a great job. If you are looking to try a out a camper don't go anywhere else.

Pasted Graphic 103 Review by Bob W. on 9/29/12 12:32 AM
I am thoroughly pleased with the folks and trailers at CO Camper. On two different camping vacations I rented a Coleman Evolution 2 off road pop up. The unit performed perfectly, hauling my very large Polaris Sportsman ATV on the gear deck. It was impressive the amount of off-road capability the trailer has, allowing me to go anywhere my 4WD Chevy Silverado could take me. I was treated extremely well and there were no surprises. Recommended for anyone needing a late model top of the line off-road pop-up.

Pasted Graphic 104 Review by Steph on 9/13/12 3:11 PM
This was our first time camping in a trailer, and it was AWESOME!!! It was pretty cool at night so the heater was great. And having a sink and running water and a 2-burner stove were great too! We had such a great time and were able to stay up later playing cards because it was warm and cozy in the trailer. AND our dog was able to come too :) We are already talking about our next camping trip with a trailer. I initially had a problem with the left turn signal connection and they were so nice in helping to figure it out - going above and beyond what they needed to do. Thanks guys!

Pasted Graphic 105 Review by GMAC on 8/12/12 10:49 AM
Excellent experience. We recently rented the Stampede 17 from Colorado Camper Rentals and it was an amazing experience. Lon and Jessica went out of their way to accommodate us. The camper was perfect, easy to use and met all out needs. It was so nice to have a shower and toilet right in the camper... and since it was a hybrid, we could pull over in an rest area to let the kiddos use the bathroom. I would recommend Colorado Camper Rentals to everyone. Thank you Jessica and Lon. You guys Rock!!!! Glenn

Pasted Graphic 106 Review by gkemmis on 8/3/12 12:38 PM
Perfect! I would highly recommend Colorado Camper Rental for your rental needs. Jessica and Lon were very responsive and professional. They value their customer's vacations and want to make the camper rental piece easy and seamless. I will use them again!!

Pasted Graphic 107 Review by Michael B on 8/2/12 4:22 PM
Rifle Falls. Rented a Flagstaff 227. The camper was a new 2012 model. Everything worked and it had some pretty neat new features. A breeze to set up and take down. And it was very very clean.

Pasted Graphic 108 Review by Scott Gilbertson on 7/27/12 4:57 PM
We had a wonderful experience with Colorado Camper Rental. The process for checking out and checking in was fast and thorough. The location has good access and the owners are very reasonable business folks are nice to deal with. We had a wonderful vacation. eWe will rent again! Scott

Pasted Graphic 23 Review by BMRWolf on 7/25/12 12:03 PM
We rented a hybrid camper with the solar panel option and found it to be a great option. We had no need for the microwave or AC, so the solar panel kept our camping neighbors happy. When we initially discussed the rental, we understood that the propane was included. Upon reading the contract however, we found that we were responsible for refilling the tanks. That wasn't a big issue for us. The issue came when I returned the trailer. We used only one of the two propane tanks and never even opened the valve on the second; I refilled the used tank at an authorized propane dealer an hour before returning the trailer; I checked all valves and confirmed they were not open when I dropped it off on a Sunday. We received a notice that both tanks were over 10 pounds light and they would charge us for the propane and a refill fee of $20. I can't prove that I did everything I wrote here except to show the receipt from the propane dealer. I give the trailer 5 stars; but the company just 1 star.

Pasted Graphic 109 Review by Erie Family on 7/11/12 8:08 AM
Great experience and camper rental. We rented the Flagstaff 227 and it was a very comfortable camper for our family. Renting from Colorado Camper Rental was easy. They were very patient with us and answered all of our questions. They were thorough with the set up on our rental day. The best part was adding the bike hitch so that we could bring our bikes camping, too! I highly recommend Colorado Camper Rental.

Pasted Graphic 110 Review by Lisa on 7/1/12 6:26 PM
We had a wonderful experience with Colorado Camper Rental. We rented our camper a few months in advance and had lots of questions and called back many times. Each time they were patient, extremely professional and took the time to speak with us for as long as we needed. We researched heavily who to use as our rental and Colorado Camper Rental had the best selection for the least expensive price. When we got there, they had everything in order and were very thorough to explain all the details. Thank you for helping us make so many great memories for our wonderful family. May God bless your efforts as you operate your business.

Pasted Graphic 111 Review by Jeff on 6/24/12 4:34 PM
I found Colorado Camper Rental after being frustrated with a different RV rental company in the Denver area. What a find! Reservations were a snap; the camper was clean a comfortable. Good value and a good company to work with. I highly recommend them and will definitely us them the next time I need to rent a camper.

Pasted Graphic 112 Review by Pierre & Danielle C. on 4/21/12 9:09 AM
Off road camper experience. We greatly recommend Jessica & Lon’s camper rental business. Reservations, at pick-up time camper set-up instructions (was our first experience with a camper after 20+ years of tent camping) as well as their enthusiasm at helping us to get off to a new outdoor experience, was all we needed to enjoy a stress less trip in the Roosevelt National Forest, +- 9,000 ft. The off-road camper made it where sedan cars would not dare to adventure. Among others, the camper’s cozy space kept us warm and dry during two nights of rain, thunder storm and strong winds that only high mountain weather can surprise you with. Keep it up! Pierre & Danielle Colin

Pasted Graphic 113 Review by Ernie Bob on 11/1/11 2:13 PM
Stampede 17 hybrid camper. It was nice to find a local camper rental for my latest hunting trip. I live in Lafayete and the last time I rented a camper I had to go to Loveland to pick it up. A 1/2 day to pick it up and another 1/2 day to return it plus the extra gas. The Stampede 17 Hybrid was smaller than what I rented last time but plenty big enogh and they were located 10 blocks away, 1 huor to pick up and 1 hour to return. Jessica and Lon were a pleasure to deal with. I would definately recommend to others and i will use them again for my next rental. Thanks! Ernie Bob

Pasted Graphic 114 Review by Don on 10/25/11 11:12 AM
Hi, We really enjoyed the Scorpion trailer that we rented from Jessica and Lon. Lon was very helpful in helping me with the setup of the trailer, and Jessica was more than accommodating with any additional needs that we had. We took the trailer out to Moab, and had a great time with it. The RV deck was used for out own personal patio. All those around us were very envious. I look forward to renting from them again, hopefully in the near future. Cheers, don

Pasted Graphic 115 Review by Cohunter on 10/21/11 3:22 PM
We rented from Colorado Camper and things could not have been easier or better. Scheduling was easy (even after I had to change dates), availablity was excellent, pick up was easy and well handled from an information standpoint. The camper was in great condition, functioned perfectly and was easy to tow behind my Toyota Tundra. We had a bad rental experience with another provider (heater didn't work, batter wouldn't charge from a generator and I had to replace fuses even to get it to work), so this was a very refreshing change. We will be using Colorado Camper again and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend them to anyone else.

Pasted Graphic 116 Review by RW on 10/5/11 3:07 PM
Service was great and the pop up was in excellent shape. Renting is cost effective when you consider the other costs with owning a trailer. I was very pleased and will rent again from Colorado Camper Rental.

Pasted Graphic 117 Review by Chris C. on 10/3/11 3:22 PM
Great service, great campers. I've rented with Lon and Jessica twice now, and plan to again in the future. They are a wonderful, sweet couple, and really take the time to make you feel welcome. Their campers are in great shape, and they take the time to show you how to operate them. They make it really easy. I also appreciate the "extra mile" they go with communications so you know what you're getting and you're ready well before your trip with all you need. The paperwork is straightforward and simple (just a quick proof of insurance document, and a reasonably-sized rental agreement). Instructions for hitch type are a nice added touch. With a wide variety of campers (mostly pop-ups, but now a couple of hard-side trailers) and really reasonable rates, they'll have my business for a long time. Why buy a camper you'll have to insure and maintain to use a few times a year when you can just rent from these fantastic folks. Thanks, Lon and Jessica!

Pasted Graphic 118 Review by WR on 9/29/11 12:47 PM
We had some friends tell us about Colorado Camper Rental. When we usually go camping we go tents and get back into the wilderness where we can feel like we are outdoors. This September we had a wild hair and thought lets do a road trip and go camping into the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. With it being Mid September and cooler & wetter we decided to call Colorado Camper Rental and get some information. Wow for the Service & Hospitality this is the place you want to go.... I felt like one of the family. On my first conversation with Jessica told her what we were thinking of doing and asked if they could accommodate us. We knew nothing about pop up trailers and did not know if that was something we would like to do. The owners Jessica & Lon were so helpful when we were making our decision we needed some extras due to a medical condition, which Lon researched and made sure we would have enough power to get us through. Jessica provided a power converter that ensured that we would be able to be self sufficient during our trip. When we got to the shop to pick up our rental the owners & staff were so friendly and knowledgeable we had a training class on how to set up/take down the pop up. Not knowing anything about this we were given the time to understand how it all works. The price was off season so we thought it was a great deal and it was. We will use Colorado Camper Rental again and will recommend them to all of our family & friends. Our trip was priceless we have a lot of new memories that will stay with us for a lifetime thanks Jessica & Lon & staff for your Service & Hospitality.

Pasted Graphic 119 Review by LuvNature on 1/6/11 6:08 PM
Meant to do them a favor and have a link. Here's another try: Colorado Camper Rental Maybe this will work.

Pasted Graphic 120 Review by LuvNature on 1/6/11 6:05 PM
Now I probably won't buy a camper because they did such a great job. Colorado Camper Rental's camper was new. Couldn't believe it. I'm not just saying it was extremely clean, it was new. We have been thinking about buying a camper, but now we're just going to use Colorado Camper Rental and save on storage and maintenance. Check them out: