Flatbed Trailer Rental - Denver

Sometimes you want to bring big boy toys or even haul a car to another state. We have a 16 ft flatbed trailer rental that is a dual axle and easy to tow. Cargo length is 16 feet, and width is 81 2/3 inches.

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2013 16 ft Flatbed

Colorado Camper Rental has a 2013 dual axle 16 ft flatbed trailer available to rent. The rental rate is $55 for 24 hrs, $110 for 48 hrs and $45 per day when rented for 3 days or more. Unlimited mileage.

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Flatbed Trailer

Rent flatbed trailer Denver

Cargo Bed

Flatbed trailer rental Denver

A Frame

Flatbed trailer rental Denver A frame


Flat Top Rail
Built in ramps
Electric brakes
GVWR 7,000 lbs