Colorado Camper Rental specializes in renting pop up campers (tent campers) and hybrid travel trailers that can be towed by most vehicles with a Class II or Class III hitch. Since some of our campers are heavier than others, and we want you to be safe on the road, let’s make sure your tow vehicle can tow the camper you want. The campers weighing over 3,000 pounds require a Class III hitch with a brake controller in the tow vehicle. A Class III hitch has a 2” x 2” square receiver and is rated to tow 6,000 pounds and up to a 600 pound tongue weight. We strongly recommend renting a weight distributing and anti-sway system for units over 4,000 pounds.

The UVW is the Unloaded Vehicle Weight. When you look at the descriptions about our campers, you will notice the UVW for every camper. Also, the UVWs are provided in the Specs tab next to any unit. This is the weight of the camper without any water or gear in it. Add whatever weight you feel you will add to the camper while in transit, and this is the GTW (Gross Trailer Weight). Compare the GTW to your vehicle’s tow limit in the towing guide to ensure your vehicle can tow the camper.

All of our campers have a two inch or 2 5/16” ball receiver and a seven pin round connector for the camper’s lights, brakes and turn signals. If your tow vehicle has a different connector, such as a four pin straight connector, you will need to supply the appropriate adapter, or you are welcome to rent our four pin straight to seven pin round adapters for $10. If you are renting a camper heavier than 3,000 pounds, you must have the typical seven pin round Bargman plug properly wired to your brake controller in order to have the brake controller function properly.