Denver Camper Rental Types and Additional Options

Different types of towable camper rentals are described below to help our customers determine which camper rental category might be best for their families.

Pop Up Campers

We have six models of pop up camper rentals in Denver.
Pop up camper rentals are lightweight, have canvas walls and amenities like a refrigerator, furnace, On Demand water, etc.
Rent RV Denver pop up camper
Pop Up Camper Rentals

Hybrid Campers

Hybrid Camper rentals are hard sided units with walk in bathrooms and showers...similar to travel trailer rentals, but the front and rear pop out beds with canvas above give you more room without the added weight of travel trailer rentals.
Small hybrid campers weigh around 3,000 pounds, so they are easily hauled by most SUVs. Large hybrid camper rentals can sleep up to eight and have all the amenities of home.
Rent RV Denver hybrid
Hybrid Camper Rentals

Travel Trailers

Travel trailer rentals are hard sided units with walk in bathrooms and showers. We have a wide variety of floor plans from which to choose.
Our small travel trailer rentals weigh less than 3,000 pounds, so they are easily hauled by most SUVs. Large travel trailer rentals are larger, and the Luxury travel trailer rentals have the greatest amount of sleeping space and living space and have all the amenities of home. Rental travel trailer and enjoy more space and amenities than camper rentals in Denver, CO.
Rent RV Denver travel trailer
Travel Trailer Rentals

Flat Bed Trailer

Our 16 foot flatbed trailer rental is a 2013 dual axle flatbed trailer. To Check Availability, click here.
rent flatbed trailer Denver
16 ft Flatbed Trailer Rental
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Rental Rates of Additional Items You May Want
2000 watt generator
Honda EU2000i Super quiet generator. Charges battery and makes 110V outlets work.
2 x 2,000 watt generators
In order to run the air conditioner, you need two Honda EU2000i generators in parallel. Powers air conditioners, charges battery and makes 110V outlets work.
Solar Setup
Silent and environmentally friendly way to charge battery to run DC amenities.
Paddle Board
Inflatable paddleboard with pump, paddles, and PFD.
4 to 7 pin adapter
If your tow vehicle has a four pin flat electrical connection, you can rent a 4 to 7 pin for the camper's signals, brakes and running lights.
$10 total
Hitch insert
If your vehicle has a two inch square female hitch, but you need the ball, our 2 inch square male to 2" or 2 5/16" ball is all you need. Will not work if hitch is a rise.
$10 total
A set of 4 bath towels.
$8 total
Kitchen Kit
Includes place setting for 4, pots, pans, utensils, cutting board, and can opener.
$25 total
Includes linens, blankets, and pillows for each bed in the camper, as well as the sofa/dinette seating areas that fold down into beds.
$30 total
Sway Set
We provide the ball hitch and sway bar at pick up. Recommended for large hybrid campers, large and luxury travel trailers.
$25 total
Four camping chairs and table
You get a camping table and four camping chairs
$25 total
Camper Cleaning
We will clean your camper at the following rate upon check in. Does not include dumping/cleaning of waste tanks. Renter can choose this option at pick up.
$50 per hour
revt rv off road camper
Ready to leave Denver camper rental and enjoy the outdoors? Our travel trailer rentals are non-smoking and pet friendly. Our central location to Denver, Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park makes it easy to pick up your camper rental and start making your memories. Renting a camper is much more affordable than renting an RV in Denver, and when you arrive at your destination, you will have your tow vehicle to go anywhere you want unlike when you are "camping" with a Denver RV rental.
We encourage you to shop around Denver, because our rates are more affordable than the camper rental competition, and our camper rental selection is the largest and newest fleet around. Our Denver Camper Rentals are simply the best in the area.

Which Camper Rental Is Best For My Trip?

  • How many beds do I need? Each camper rental page provides the size of the beds in the camper in the Specs tab.
  • Can my vehicle tow the camper? We have provided Towing Guides to help you determine which camper rental is best for your tow vehicle.
  • If I am not plugging into electricity at a camp site, do I need a solar set up or generator? This answer to this question is: It depends on your electrical needs. If you want to run an air conditioner or have the electrical outlets in the travel trailer rental to be active, you need a generator. 4000 watt generator for the A/C and 2,000 watt if you just want the outlets and everything else to have enough power. If you do not need the A/C or electrical outlets to work, then you can rent one of our solar set ups for $10/day. The solar will charge the deep cycle battery to run all the 12 volt items in the camper: water pump, lights, stereo, furnace, fans, etc.